BloodMoon Comic Series

In a very fun and exciting series of comics you will learn the origin stories of all of our werewolves and the history behind all of their traits. Here is a sample of the Comic this one is titled a **B-ball Werewolf is Born**. Jamal and Gary often played 1-on-1 after dark but tonight was going extra late. It was a back and forth battle that seemingly had no end in sight. To make matters worse the court lights had just gone out so Gary put down the gauntlet by telling Jamal next basket wins. With just enough moonlight Jamal made a drive down the lane and leapt through the air flying high, suddenly he felt the ball deflate in his left hand and felt extreme pain shoot through his entire body. What was happening to him!? Jamal was turning into a werewolf! Everyone please say a prayer for Gary!