Welcome to Blood Moon


The Legend:

Every thousand years on the eve of the Blood Moon, normal, everyday men are unwillingly turned into vicious werewolves. These werewolves have wreaked havoc since the beginning of time, terrorizing the villagers and citizens, leaving a trail of blood and victims as they have an insatiable hunger for anything that has a beating heart. The people unite and during the month of October, under the Hunter's Full Moon the hunters become the hunted. One-by-one the werewolves are captured and imprisoned until they return back to normal men. There is additional folklore that there were once werewolves that were immortal. It is believed that these immortals wore rare medallions around their necks and could only be killed or return back to a man if the necklace was removed. These immortal werewolves have not been documented for thousands of years and are rumored to be extinct as they were all hunted by the great Huntsmen of the North whom hunted them for these rare artifacts. It is believed that anyone that wears them will have ethernal life.


6,969 Werewolves
First 500 Mints FREE .02eth


Snapshot for Genesis Werewolves Holders.

Genesis role assigned 1 FREE MINT (post launch only pay gas, 48 Hour Period to Claim)

FREE Mints

To be given away to active members that go above and beyond for the community and the project

Grassroots stealth launch social media blitz

Twitter Spaces Event to discuss the project and project launch.

Post Launch

100% of Eth generated from mint will be reinvested into the project Work will immediately begin towards the Huntsmen Project/Roadmap 2.0

Rarity Sniper goes live within 12 hours after project is SOLD OUT

Genesis Werewolves/OG Holders Free Mint. OG assigned 1 FREE MINT (only pay gas, 48 Hour Period to Claim)

NFT Exchange Program

Members will be chosen to exchange their unwanted NFTs from other projects for a BloodMoon Werewolf of equal value

Must be an active member of the discord and will be required to fill out a form describing the NFT they are trading in. Team members will hand select which NFTs get approved for exchange after an evaluation.

Aggressive Marketing Campaign

Release articles about the project via multiple publications such as Medium Join public Twitter Spaces/AMAs to bring awareness to the project Twitter/Instagram/Tik-Tok/YouTube

Weekly Giveaways

For members that actively help promote the project

Monthly Giveaways

For holders that are Diamond Handed

Strategic Floor Sweeps

Not your regular sweeps, these will be based on criteria determined by the team

Rarity-Swap Program

Swap your unwanted wolves for a wolf that we have in our collection

Rarity Score based swaps (i.e., a 400 Rarity Point Wolf can be swapped for two 200 Rarity Point Wolves)

First come first serve basis


Will be held monthly to discuss the state of the project. Q&As